25 October 2007

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When the same thing happens to me over and over, I believe God is trying to tell me something.
Sometimes it's obvious. Like when a person from my past keeps coming to mind and I feel the need to call them. Or when my wife Marianne keeps putting the lawnmower behind my car so I can't leave without being reminded that the grass needs cutting.
Okay, maybe that's her and not God.

But lately I believe God's telling me to slow down.
Most people wouldn't see it that way, but I know how He works in my life.
Over the last several months I keep seeing people stuck on the side of the road. Some were changing tires, others standing with the hood of the car open apparently waiting for help.
Sometimes I'd first see an abandoned car and a few hundred yards down the road I'd see someone walking. I even saw a few men standing next to their car trying to "hitch hike" a ride.
Oh yes, there were a few females.

"Everyone has cell phones these days," you might say.
Many do. But they don't always work along roads where you'd need them most.
So, would you have stopped for any of them?
I would. I really wanted to help them all. So why didn't I?

I'll be honest about the ladies. I wanted desperately to help them. I think about my wife and worry that one day she'd need help. I also know how afraid she would be sitting there helplessly. An approaching car would be a welcome sign, but then, as a man got out she'd wonder if it was safe after all.

I would stop any way and try my best to assure them I'm there to help.
Then why didn't I?
The truth is, I was in the wrong lane.
Sounds like a poor excuse doesn't it?
But it's the truth and there lies my proof that God was trying to tell me something.

In every single case, I was always in the passing lane. I was always in a hurry to get somewhere. I was always zipping by people in order to get ahead.
Sadly, I was also passing up people who needed help.

"Slow down!" He said to me.
But it wasn't just on the highway.
Could it be that I have been in such a hurry that I have been passing by others along the road of life?
What about the neighbor across the street? She lives alone. There must be some way to help her.

I see another woman sitting on a bench at the mall every time I shop there. Maybe a friendly "Hello!" would make a difference.

The fire victims I just read about in the paper today lost everything. I felt sorry for them. Is there something I can do?
Or am I in such a hurry that I cannot stop?
God has been telling me something all this time.
Cut the grass and "Bob, you're "in the wrong lane!"
"I believe in you!"

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"Lord Jesus Christ, you are the bread of life. You alone can satisfy the hunger in my heart. May I always find in you, the true bread from heaven, the source of life and nourishment I need to sustain me on my journey to the promised land of heaven."

By Bob Perks

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