08 June 2008

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Where Mercy Dwells

June 8 Sunday Reflection

“I desire mercy and not sacrifice.”
–Matthew 9:13

Readings :

Hosea 6:3-6
Psalm 50:1,8,12-13,14-15,(23b)
Romans 4:18-25
Matthew 9:9-13

It was a family meeting. Everyone was gathered around Maria, listening to her explain why and how she got involved in the scam. Many questions were thrown at her, and she had to answer each one truthfully, including why she had to include the family’s money in the venue. Recriminations and insults were thrown at her and she had to swallow all of them because everything they said was true.

After a while, she bowed her head, and apologized to everyone. She told them how sorry she was for using their money, sorry for involving them in the scam and for besmirching the family name.

The silence was deafening. Maria kept her head bowed, trying to control her tears in anguish and shame. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and then she felt all her brothers and sisters, with their wives and husbands around her, wanting to hug and kiss her. There was so much love flowing, and forgiveness, too. There were no words said. The hugs and kisses said it all.

Sometimes it’s easy to say that we love someone. But our readiness to extend help when a person is in trouble takes our love one step further.
How do you love?
-Chelle Crisanto

“Where mercy, love and pity dwell, there God is dwelling too.” (William Blake)

Lord, teach me to be merciful.

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