18 March 2008

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Blind girl

There was a ger who bump into a photographer
on day and was love at first sight with the guy. She
apologised and hope to seeing him again one

She was working at a hair salon and one day
the photographer went into the shop to have a hair
wash. The ger asked her friend to let her service
for that guy because she liked him alot. But she
accidentally wash e soap on the guy's face and
apologised endlessly. And so she found his
working place and decided to give him something
as a gift ot apology.

The guy noticed her and
thought that she is beautiful so he took pictures of
the ger. Soon, the guy and the ger spend some
time hanging out together and have feelings for
each other.

There was one day when the ger
came up to his working place to visit him, but at
that time, he was busy washing the photos in
another room so the ger was seeing the photos
that he took for her. She accidentally knock a
glass of water & dirtied the table, she used her
jacket to clean it up and took the guy's shirt to wear.

The guy came out, saw the ger wearing his
shirt and took pictures bcos he thought it was cute
of her to wear a big shirt. But the flim was used up
soon and the ger volunteer to take another flim
from another room.

She went into the room and
saw the flim up high on the cupboard so she tip-
toed but unfortunately, she knock down a bottle of
toxic chemical for washing photo. The bottle was
not covered properly and the chemical went
pouring down on her eyes. She was sent to the
hospital immediately and the guy was very sad.

Finally the ger was okay after a few days and was
able to see again. But from tat day onwards, he
never met and see tat guy again, she couldnt find
him anywhere. One evening, she went to the hill to
look at the place where the guy likes to bike.

She finally saw someone tat look like him sitting down
on a bench.. he was wearing a pair of sunglasses.
A photo flew away from the guy's hand and the ger
went to pick up.. it was a photo of her, she cried
and return it to him. The guy didnt know its her
bcos he was blind and cant see anymore..

the ger was crying and did not know wht happen to him
until one of the guy's photo assistant told her that
the guy save her eyesight by giving his eye cornea
to her.. this story is very touching..



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